Specialty Projects


In the building construction sector, after the definition of the architectural solution, there is a need to perform the calculation of the different constructive stages, which are divided into several specialties:

- Foundations;
- Structures (reinforced concrete, metal structure, structural masonry, wood, etc.);
- Water and sewage facilities;
- Electrical and telecommunications installations;
- Electrical and telecommunications installations;
- Verification and Acoustic Measurement.


In the urban infrastructure sector, all the specialties are subdivided into:

- Process of allotment;
- Urban infrastructures for water supply and drainage;
- Lift stations;
- Water Treatment Plants for consumption;
- Sewage treatment plants (sewage);
- Landscape architecture;
- Environmental monitoring;
- Traffic study and noise measurement.


EDENCIDADE is composed of a multidisciplinary team, which ensures the execution and articulation between the different specialties, in order to guarantee the full satisfaction of the clients, do not hesitate to contact us!